Our Philosophy

At Laughing Clowns, we acknowledge that we are meeting in the traditional country of the Wonnarua people of the Wonnarua Nation and pay respect to Elders past and present. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land, which continue to be important to the Wonnarua people living today.

At Laughing Clowns, we follow the Reggio-Emilio pedagogy approach, helping children become better citizens. The experiences and relationships we engage as children have a lifelong effect on who we are, how we learn and what we do as adults. We aim to set up a strong foundation for cognitive development and lifelong learning. We believe that every child must have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and the world around them.

We understand that children have different interests, personalities and intelligence. We acknowledge that children are curious and actively participate in their learning. We believe that children have the right to make their own decisions in a discrimination-free environment. 

We believe families are the first teachers for a child, therefore we support them to be the best in this role. We work in close partnerships with families to ensure that children's interests are identified, communicated and further developed simultaneously at the service and home. We appreciate and welcome the uniqueness each family brings. 


Our staff is the most valuable resource as they are committed to delivering high-quality care and education to children. Our staff is motivated to provide the best possible environment for all stakeholders - taking on feedback, reflecting on practices, and attending professional development courses. We promote a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration - building positive and respectful relationships with one another and modelling these to the children and families. Educators support and encourage one another, understanding that each educator brings different expertise, knowledge and ideas to the team. Our staff engages in ongoing-sensitive observation of the child to understand their needs better.

Happy Twins

We value nourishing relationships with the local and wider community around us. We encourage support from our professional relations within the community to enhance children's learning. We welcome and strengthen cultural competence and acknowledge, celebrate and respect different family backgrounds. We encourage our staff and children to discover and foster their love for the land, nature and animals. We abide by sustainable practices at the service and aim for a sustainable future. 

At Laughing Clowns, we implement a curriculum based on child-led play, encouraging children to take risks, engage their imagination and solve problems in the process. Listening to children's voices is a vital component of our curriculum as it allows identification and further exploration of children’s interests. We support the five areas of child development through a combination of structured and unstructured activities. We focus on children’s creativity, artistic expression and collaboration with other individuals. The educators at Laughing Clowns also implement intentional teaching methods to assist children with developing knowledgeable and confident self-identities and increase their awareness of the world around them, ensuring they are prepared to transition to further education in primary school. We believe in guiding children's behaviour by using positive encouragement and reinforcement as tools to direct and promote children's wellbeing, and implement consistent daily routines to assist children in developing a sense of trust and security within our environment.